Tuesday, September 2

excellent obit of Jack Weil (Rockmount shirts)

Fantastic obituary of Jack Weil of Rockmount shirts. This is from The Economist; a slightly unexpected source but very welcome. Rockmount had only just sent out a press release on the 10th of August with an update, so thoughts with everyone there.

"Mr Weil reckoned that a cowboy on a horse, if wearing a shirt with buttons, was liable to get snagged on sagebrush or cactus or, worse than that, get a steerhorn straight through his fancy buttonhole. He was pretty certain, too, that a cowboy losing a button would feel disinclined to sew it on again. The answer to all those difficulties was to make shirts with snap-fasteners. And for 62 years, in a red-brick warehouse in the LoDo district of Denver, Mr Weil did exactly that." Further reading courtesy of The Economist.