Thursday, May 21

marco pierre white on organic farming

To quote Gerard Depardieu (?-ed.) "I'm not (right) wing. You are the one with the wing. All your ideas are from the same place."

I like MPW because he is practical and from the trenches of buying and selling food but at the same time can still romanticise it (he uses the word "romantic" in several interviews about the lifestyle of a farmer). The interviewer seems to expect one answer but is basically told to buck up. Been sitting on this one for a while, thoughts??


greenjeans said...

Great post. He makes a ton of great points. Really interesting stuff. I wish it was longer!

Kristin said...

Great post. My mom (food and nutrition teacher) makes a lot of those same points about organic food not being able to feed the world, etc. Many of the farmers at our farmer's market also tell us they can't afford the organic certification, even though they run their farm organically. Interesting.