Tuesday, June 23

chitty chitty bang bang

Posted about this Ian Fleming/Roald Dahl creation before, but the boy is well into this recently (it is almost 3 hours... hello electronic babysitter haha). Dick Van Dyke thankfully stays away from the cor blimey accent of his Mary Poppins appearance, and the Grandpa character (Lionel Jeffries) is quality (non-PC remarks aside). Anyway, I picked through for some yard sale scenes.

Desmond Llewelyn (Bond's Q) on left as a junkyard owner.
Scrapman on right about to give the boy a clip round the ear... too right.

Baddies disguised as typical Englishmen.

Gert Fröbe (more famous as Goldfinger) as the Baron of Vulgaria.
Unexpected combo, white and polka dot bowtie with white shirt.