Thursday, June 25

kitchen tools -beyond the basics 5

28. Chicken bucket. This model a little overkill, but a classic Fortex pail that will resist rust/cold etc. Bucket lives under the sink for food scraps, clam shells, anything but citrus rinds and coffee grounds really. Taken out to the chickens each day. If you have a dog better bolt that lower door or he'll get into it.

29. Salad spinner. This model is a French style, has a place in MoMA. Not so great for if you can't get outdoors easily as Pete Townsend type windmilling needed to dry your washed lettuce, but a great job for the kids.

30. Ramen bowl. No way do you need to buy them from wagamama, just need a big bowl. Otherwise I end up eating out of a mixing bowl.

31. Chili oil. The base of this one is sesame oil, nice. I think this was the type used at Waga' actually.

32. Honey spoon/dipper. Wood ones look nicer but maybe less hygienic?

33. Stick/handheld blender. Many options out there, if you get a cordless even better. Essential this one.

34. Ramekin. Get a bunch. Great for nuts/olives/shrimp cocktail sauce placed in bowl of ice/dumpling dipping sauce... Winner.