Thursday, June 4

late to the party -joel salatin

I like to think I'm kind of up on food/farming/conservation news. Not crazy up on it, don't weave my own yogurt or grow my own denim etc... But y'know, have read (and enjoyed) The Good Life, know who Michael Pollen is, grew up with chickens, cows, horses, sheep, Pops is into bees now, blah blah. Anyway, was impressed by this guy Joel Salatin in the (slightly OTT) trailers of Food, Inc. and Fresh and now have discovered who he is... I'm late to the party... time to catch up. Really appreciate how Joel can run the numbers, and uses capital and logical arguments rather than relying on preaching to the choir. Further reading about his Polyface Farm and beyond organic.

'Late to the party' is a segment of new finds for me that are probably old news to others.