Monday, June 22

that 10engines kid takes the ferry look

Jacket: Penfield*, weatherproof (on sale via Turntable Lab. Don't sleep!)
Crewneck sweatshirt: JCrew/Crewcuts twisted jersey.
Shorts: Penfield* Hadley. Almost hickory stripe material.
Helmet: Bern Nino with summer visor insert.
Orvis watch, field type. Colorful grosgrain for "the young".
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: insane pop-up book as created by Sam Ita (He is working on Frankenstein next).
Topsiders, older brother's, resurrected last weekend. Nice lacework chief.
Brooks (England) trouser strap, stolen from dad...little punk is wearing it as a wristband.

*Penfield items are not available in youth sizes, but faking it for right now...