Monday, July 20

hammer to a fly -crockett & jones

Bit of an eye opener here from my bruv. Met him at the airport thursday and clocked his head to toe; canvas blazer -check, hand dyed denim woven by moonlight -check, non-wrinkle shirt -yawn. Jaw dropping pinpoint brougues...Crockett & Jones. Not quite sure how to define this Edgware model of shoe from C&J (no doubt the askandy crowd could nail it from 50 yards) but they look damn good. Good enought to get you upgraded on a transatlantic flight even if you are wearing jeans apparently... basterd. Won't divulge the cost but the shoes trees cost more than my E&R's. I guess if you roll with the City banker crowd and want to shut their traps this is one way to do it. Well played brother.