Thursday, August 27

barn score -three worlds

The Worlds of Play, Learning and Growth. A very neat toy village set M picked up at a sale. Can't find anything online about it or the maker or even a date, but looks slightly modernist so thinking 60's but not sure. Anyone?


JtB said...

Three Worlds must have been a specialty toy company?

Skaneateles Handicrafters was a wooden toy company. They were purchased by Haba or Brio in the 50s. I'm not sure if there is any relation to this playset other than the village name but Haba still makes toys similar to this set (but nooowhere as nice).

Kristin said...

Just got a phone call from my uncle, to tell me he had that toy and it was one of his faves. Apparently, he was always bugging my mom to iron the mat for him to make for easier playing. Cool.

Apothecary Fox said...

That village is so cute, the boys will love it. Great Score!