Friday, August 21

big river man

Big River Man is an envirodoc about the larger-than-life Slovenian extreme swimmer Martin Strel. In February 2007 Strel began an attempt to be the first person to swim the entire length of the Amazon.

"The Fish Man, as he was called by the local tribes, almost died in the process several times. Towards the end of his marathon ordeal his blood pressure was at heart attack level, his entire body full of subcutaneous larvae and besieged by dehydration and exhaustion.

Martin is an endurance swimmer who swims rivers – the Mississippi, the Danube, ParanĂ¡ and the Yangtze prior to the Amazon – to highlight their pollution to the world. During this epic journey he suffered from blisters, sunburn, exotic stomach illnesses, all the while trying to avoid piranhas, anacondas, crocodiles, alligators, river sharks, and a small parasitic fish known as the candiru. Martin is also a rather overweight horse-burger loving Slovenian in his fifties, who drinks bottles of red wine to get extra power...even when swimming." -via AmazonSwim

Found via Caught by the River.