Wednesday, August 19


Found these guys while looking around... Impactist. A wife and husband design/film making/creative team. Can you throw a rock in Portland OR and not hit a media type? Amazing.

"...Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing; married, independent directors that collaborate under the alias of Impactist. We are not a studio or facility that hires employees or freelancers. Impactist is just us two individuals." -via their about us.

A couple of great clips below. Tunes remind me of µ-ziq a bit. Works for me.

They have a whole other series called Field Trip described as "...a series of motion and sound compositions relating to and exploring first and second hand experiences in regards to contextual learning. This series is an autobiographical account of the grade school activities of Impactist." Those six clips and lots more music at Field Trip or their vimeo channel.

In case you hadn't heard of him before, key-lassic cut from µ-ziq here.