Monday, August 10


ACL has a great string going on gathering intel on flea markets around the States. Have to admit I was a bit small minded at first and thought no one would give up that info... wrong. And selfish on my part... not enough time or money in the day anyway. I never seem to hit flea markets, but love thrifting/junking around... on that note, went to the local, pretty resource-full Goodwill in Davis Square yday. Being in the northeast you can't throw a rock in here without hitting Brooks Bros. shirts, though the suits were a bit ratty. Majority of the clothes were for size L have to say, but if you are in the market for distressed looking Sox/Celtic/Pats paraphernalia it is a goldmine. I got some nice brogues here a while back, and again did not disappoint, found a pair of older Florsheim Kenmores, just need new lining and laces. Rest are self explanatory.

Missed out on a set of nesting tables w/ slate tops though... $20. Rookie move...