Wednesday, December 23

martinize your olives

Holiday season and parties are here, and for another week at least... Here is a little tip to keep a tally as the night wears on, and not let tipsy turn to trashed [too much? -ed.]. Have your martini with an olive tonight, but don't eat it. For martini number two add another olive to your glass, so you can now see two olives meaning you've had two drinks etc., you see where I am going with this? You will always know how many you have had with this method, deciding how many to have is your call...

If your glass then ends up looking like the below and you are still standing then you're a bigger man than me, though I can pretty much guarantee you won't be driving home, or even able to find your car... or remember your name. Huge fan of the olive bar at Shaw's... big scoop of the herbed-up ones and maybe one or two of the red pepper coated ones thrown in, yum.

Photo via Bob Croslin.