Wednesday, December 2

parenting -snow goggles

Sure the teens/tweens look pretty colorful on the slopes... but even the toddlers can get into it now. Spy Optics have been our goto for years, but between their Targa Mini model, Dragon Lil D's and the (more $$) Electric's EGK there are some insane goggles out there for kids. No excuse for the ripper's goggles not matching the helmet.... Datamining below. Wow, looking at them all at once is verging on clown puke territory... and these aren't even the crazy ones... makes you want the plain black/blue/pink/white from good old Scott. Sidenote; Uncrate have a parenting-type gear site called Playgrounder (a bit cold, throw it at the wall see what sticks sort of...). They had a quick post on Scott goggles last week.