Wednesday, December 16

white christmas

Admission, I have not seen Holiday Inn. Won't get too cute here about a tour de force like White Christmas. Just this; even if you think you know WC, you have to watch it on a big screen, in one sitting, preferably in a theater; so many throwaway lines and visual gags... Crosby and Kaye are on fire. Plus, who wouldn't want to retire to Vermont, with an old Army Jeep as a runabout, dib around with firewood and play horseshoes by day, then change into your smoking jacket by night -all the while just waiting for the snow to hit. Lots of suits, cuffs, cravats and wool in evidence of course; one of my fave pieces is Bing's undershirt though... thick arm cuffs. Where do you get those??

Captain: That's not the way to Headquarters...
Gen.: Joe, you know that, and I know that, but the General doesn't. At least he won't for the another hour and a half.
Captain: That sergeant will be a private in the morning.
Gen.: Yes... isn't he lucky.