Tuesday, February 16

barn score -belflex xl500

Scored this over the weekend. Belstaff Trialmaster, the 70's Belflex version. All correct though, slanted left pocket and pit vents etc. Perfect 38". $3. From my rural thrift store that shall not be named. Same place I got this many moons ago. Belted jackets not really my thing admittedly, but nice find. Interior may be Dunloprufe, judging by identical jacket on ebay.

"The synthetic materials sector is, however, by no means disregarded by Belstaff. In the 1970's, the famous XL500 jacket was created using a specially developed nylon textile known as Belflex. Belflex' qualities of wearability, resilience and durability are still unsurpassed today [loud as hell to walk in haha-ed.]. The XL500 is still the best seller; essential, hard-wearing, totally waterproof, and infinitely durable. Put to the test by thousands of motorcyclists throughout the world, it has all the essentials - but nothing superfluous - protecting the motorcyclist from the elements." -via Helston's History of Belstaff