Friday, February 26

from russia with love -helicopter scene

Above, the Macmillan Company New York, Library edition, published in 1957.

From Russia With Love (film release 1963) was the second of the EON James Bond productions; this particular novel was possibly chosen for adaptation as it was a current favorite of John F. Kennedy. Further reading.

Could go on and on about red wine with fish, the chess match, catches horizontal, gypsy fights, etc. but just looking at the helicopter chase here. That scene and the ensuing boat chase were filmed in the west of Scotland, an area called Argyll and Bute, standing in for the plot location of Turkey. The helicopter chase had to have been influenced by the cropduster scene in Hitchcock's 1959 North By Northwest, though we do get a pilot's eye view here as well and some great scenery. Years ago we went on a hike in this area and found a burned out helicopter... same one?? Maybe crashing is common here...

Ian Fleming and Sean Connery on set. Hadn't seen this photo...
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The chopper was eventually fully restored and sold. Further reading.
Just because a grenade dropping chopper is after you,
no excuse not to tuck your tie in...

Turnbull&Asser turnback (cocktail) cuffs in full effect.
The plunky AR-7 described by Q as a .25. Modified from usual .22?
"I'd say one of their aircraft is missing."