Monday, June 28

why $1.40?

Breaking news circa 1992; Coleman introduced a line of hard-sided lunch coolers including a 3-quart lunch cooler called LunchPak. Included is an interior coin slot that holds $1.40 in coins... It holds a 12oz can, your sandwich if you smash it in half and room for not much else. The range didn't last. I don't get the choice of $1.40... I could see change of a dollar so in theory you could go to work with bills in your pocket then never have to carry the change as .95c worth of change could be carried home in the slots? $1.40 bought more in 1992 I guess.

Sidenote: straw poll shows workplace fridges are much fuller in the last year than perhaps in years past. More brown-baggers etc. There must be an amusing article out there touching on this... New Yorker?? Anyhow, like how the profile recalls the standard thermos, nice touch.