Monday, September 20

quotable -the logger

And isn't it always a flatlander who says "yes and aren't they turning early this year?"... I hate that. Cause if they were turning earlier and earlier like they always say then pretty soon the leaves would be turning at Easter!
Rusty DeWees works hard, you cannot take that way. He tours his character The Logger, about a dozen years old now, up and down Vermont to high schools, fairs, theatres even some church halls and tells anecdotal, physical and sometimes plain rude stories about archetypes he has met. And he does not aspire to be Larry the Cable Guy.

Saw him early on in his Play In Two-Ax and there was a telling moment in the Q&A when an older green-woolen attired gent voiced his offence to the story of Liddle and his dog Craig, whom Liddle had drunkenly injured with his lawn mower. Rusty stepped out of character for a moment to agree with the man and discuss the story again and reveal his own teetotal lifestyle. A really honest moment.

Then he went on to talk about his French-Canadian uncle who was born with a chainsaw in his hand; "Kee-roist. As a baby he performed his own Cesarean!!"