Wednesday, June 1

busy w/e in vt

We took a 101 class at Orvis (they are free, highly recommend) practicing how to do this...
...and the boy learned about tying these.

Then with the help of V...

...I interviewed her father.
Can't reveal details for now but he is one of my all-time style icons.
Yes, V is cool too.

This is one of his hangouts.

He has a ton of stuff like this.

Then back at the ranch we checked on these guys...

...and collected a bunch of these.

Did a bunch of nothing here...

...then fed these guys.

Finally, birthday present for Pops.
True to form he described to the boys how it was made
and it's intended purpose (as a heaving line).
Was a doorstop 10 seconds later. Busy w/e.

P.S. rescued these 20+ y/o cordovans.
Double stiched sole w/ recessed channels. #barnscore