Tuesday, June 21

carhartt -this is the sort of detroit i'm talking about

Before getting into it, if anyone amenable to contributing to a timeline project on your Carhartt Detroit jacket I want to start collecting facts/pictures...

Great, slightly older Detroit. I find it hard to date these things, not a ton of info online but from the darker collar, no internal pocket and no branding on the zipperpulls I'm guessing late 70's? Had one that I believe was 60's; that had straight cuff stitching (and that is now curved)... The duck material used as a hanger-loop (rather than later nylon) is a date mark as well... again, not sure of the cut off date on that. Then external branding, love those folded, inseam labels. More washed than worn I think, quite soft. New ones cost around $75, this cost half.