Wednesday, July 6

summer officially here

New York Hat Co. straw hat. No ribbon, beaten to hell... Bahamian seawater doesn't hurt.

Textile Buff & Wheel Co. bag. To call it the ultimate beach bag would be a dis-service. Wonderbag might be ok...

Easy catch by the kid.

Melange. Cape Ann guy gave us the lobster he snagged. Lighting reflexes obv'. #wingaersheek.

I don't need a tool for every job, but this shrimp peeler/deveiner has done us proud. The Quickso. Made in Boston, MA by a certain Gorton Corp. Related to Gortons of Gloucester??? No doubt there are a million grated horseradishes out there and at local markets... until someone enlightens me I rely on Farmer's. #ketchup #cocktail

3 rounds of lettuce happening now. The coldframe lettuce is all gone. Nasturtiums ablaze.

Appleton's and tonic w/ lime. Cheers to my hard working sis.
Final one below; after the S'ville fireworks these guys rolled up. Take the Boston Globe van out of Celtic Pride and go nuts on it for the Bruins season... #the _beast. #big_smile