Monday, September 19

that peru fair 2011 look

This Saturday (September 24th) there is a pig roast/craft fair in Peru, Vermont. It began as a townwide "end of the world" tag sale and has become a respectably sized town fair. A rinky-dink parade, hay rides and some inventive food (quail kebabs? hell yeah). As foliage is just starting it is important to keep publicly confirming that Vermont is open for business. Seriously this pig roast is one of the high points of the calendar for me... 3 pigs roasted on spits. Roast corn too if you want. #jeezumcrow Further info at

eBay chambray shirt and no-name blanket lined jacket via OldBoy.
No nonsense belt via Archival Clothing.
Duluth Pack bag via Kaufmann Mercantile.
Whipcord pants from Filson.
LLBean moc duck shoes, cause the weather might get a little mixed...
Pops installed a lamp-post and light out by the pond... only missing one thing. Starr-X opener.

You can read my report from last year here.