Thursday, March 8

that washed up look

Tomorrow night at Stratton Mnt, VT as part of the 30th Annual US Open of Snowboarding will be a good-old timed race. For good-old boys and girls... #point_it

I'm not a total philistine about technical products (stone to keep edges sharp is key) but this is my rig for warm weather riding; denim and Johnson WM. Plus goes from the "board" to the beer garden... Won't be posting here for next few days but to the linked tumblr.

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Anonymous said...

awesome post - love the wrangler coat - i found one for $1.75 at my super secret thrift outlet... in perfect condition and made in the usa... its still dark blue. awesome coat. of course - this year we had no winter down here so i only wore it twice! maybe next year. dintx