Thursday, May 31

that one day conference look

Have been to a few conferences over the course of this library degree and sometimes find them a bit of a catch22;  in that you get more out of them if you are well connected, but the well connected don't need the conferences as much since they will often be pre-familiarized with that material. All the more reason to make sure you are connected then!

Anyhow, in this case I am excited to attend a one-day Social Sciences librarianship "bootcamp" of lectures and meet-ups at Tufts' Tisch library. If this revs your engine you can follow along on twitter as I'll be live tweeting my brains out using #sslbc. Stuff like; The Ethical Challenges of Information Usage in the Age of Digital Media, Reference and Instructional Design, Spatial Data and GIS (Geographic Information Systems)for social sciences librarians, that sort of thing...

Deadstock Pointer chambray.
Shawl collar cardiagan.
Topo x Hillside x Hickoree's bag.
Pelican belt.
Rosie Riveter bandana, $12, USA. Total find.
Carhartt UB04 double fronts, if you dig you can still find these.
Clark's Weavers
Muji card case (if you turn up w/ no business cards... then can't help you)
You'll be there all day. Bring some kind of drinking vessel and (Cuppow) lid.