Wednesday, June 13

staff meal at noma

One of my favorite parts of working in restaurants was staff meal. Sometimes called family meal. It often resembled something off the menu but all the pomp was taken out.

At Wagamama we just ordered direct and as time went on staff would often order simpler and simpler dishes; vegetable ramen or cha han (egg fried rice). Loved that job...

At Nantucket's Chanticleer all chefs, including pastry chef would take a turn to prepare staff meal. The pastry chef was a guy from Sweden I think- he would make this incredible side order of carrots in a lime/beefstock/sweet/rosemary gravy.

For the Three Clock Inn (VT) staff meal was usually like nothing on the classically French menu- perhaps grilled trout caught by the maitre'd Jacques that day, or spaghetti and meatballs, or lamb curry. But always served with a potato salad created with vinaigrette and chives rather than mayo. Mmmmm

The best may have been at La Cucina on Martha's Vineyard (not there now) which was run by Marco Canora in his pre-Craft days. Big bits of fish, pasta AND garlic mash, salad. Requisite Heineken (International Beer of Kitchens).

The video above is of the staff meal at NOMA in Denmark - known for pretty esoteric, forage-inclusive dishes. Anyhow, the staff meal looks like a great intro to that world. Personally I would like to sit at the staff meal for most starred places rather than the chef'd up versions. Via Nowness.