Friday, July 20

10E2004: Friends of the Library at ArtBeat tomorrow

File under "local news". July 20 (tonight) & 21 (Saturday) The Somerville Arts Council presents ARTBEAT 2012; one of the area's largest and most innovative arts festivals complete with two stages of music, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors, food, and migration-themed activities.

 I will be there in my role as board member of The Friends of the Somerville Public Library so please do stop by and say hi (we'll be behind Holland Street T in the shade... perfect). We will be selling books and signing up volunteers; to assist with the ongoing book sales, staff events, and join us in outreach activities. We also raise funds through membership drives and I am excited to offer a new benefit - this (frankly bad-ass) 24oz-canvas coal/book/market/tote bag that will be available to those that support at the $100 level. Made in Charlestown, MA. Hand stamped in Somerville, by light of the moon...