Thursday, September 6

10E2034: New from Poler - Wunder Bundler and Burner Bags

This isn't a disclosure, more a yell from the rooftops - I really like what Poler is doing, basically making up their own catagory of products for outdoor living. The Wunder Bundler is the latest to come out of this Portland, OR camping-candy-factory and is a modular insulator... wrap up anything with it, hot or cold and it works. $25.
"It’s also an insulated changing matt, perfect for standing on when changing after surfing or snowboarding, sitting on when the surface is wet and cold, or kneeling on when you want to shoot a photo in a muddy field."

Subtler but just as smart are these firestarters below, dubbed Burner Bags. $2.
"Place the burner bag under a pile of wood, then strike a match and light the bag on fire. Lights and burns in the rain, sleet, or snow. At almost 1000 degrees, burner bags will quickly dry damp wood. So small and light, you can carry them with you on all your adventures. Burns ‘green’ no harmful chemicals. Safely stores near food. Burner bags are made from a patented blend of recycled wood, inert minerals and paraffin wax. Burner Bags do NOT contain any harmful chemicals or vapors, including Benzene. Burner bags are NOT a combustible fuel, and therefore, there is no risk of explosions. Burner Bags are water resistant; it will work if it gets a little wet."