Monday, September 17

10E2044: That Peru Fair Look 2012

Another nail in the coffin... can't believe another year has clicked by, the 31st Peru Fair will be this Saturday (September 22nd). And for the umpteenth time we'll be there to enjoy the late night pig roasting, bluegrass string playing, get up early for the parade-and-coffee, that kicks off a day of craft stalls and familiar faces. The event generally fuelled by a craklin heavy lunch and then porch rocking beers...

Work gloves, to turn the spit. White Star "mighty champs".
Coffee can placed by the coals to melt a few sticks of butter. Dunk that roasted corn in there...
Sunshade. Email me if you want one. $25.
Opa Opa easy sinking beer. Nice rope logo...
Gas station pants from Pointer Brand. NOS. Why buy new??
Buckshot Sonny's t-shirt incase it warms up. The mighty Joe Gannon might even be onsite.
Hav-A-Hank single boxed bandanas. $12 extra for the box but v slick.
Chippewa for JCrew moc toes boots. Not better than Pa's but great to see these again.