Tuesday, February 26

10E2125: Dick Bradsell - A Different Breed of Bartender

My sis is in the resto trade in the UK and put me onto this gent, Dick Bradsell, a sort of godfather of London cocktails and bartending. Famously inventing the espresso martini on the spot for a certain 80s supermodel who wanted something to wake her up, then f*ck her up... 

No mustaches or braces or silliness. The opposite of flair. As you will hear, he got his start as a teen working at The Naval and Military Club on the Isle of Wight serving bedrock British classics; gin martinis, pink gins, Pimms, Bloody Mary, etc.  Above he shows his simple Bramble w/ gin and creme de mure. His vodka martini is great too - just shakes Lillet over ice, pours it off then shakes vodka. Bam.