Thursday, May 16

10E2170: Stockbridge | Edinburgh

The neighborhood of Stockbridge in Edinburgh, Scotland is a northern extension north of what is termed The New Town - that is an architectural solution to new housing, build on a grid, away from Edinburgh Castle and its winding streets and squalid conditions which was henceforth know as the Old Town.

Anyhow, Stockbridge is a mix of the New Town's Georgian architecture, parks (including the Royal Botanical Garden) and a very cool solution to artisan (builders...) housing called The Colonies. These were built as row houses but their stone simplicity and encapsulated-village quality have made them highly tradeable. Stocky full of little shops and restos now.

Anyhow, we used to live in the shadow of St Vincent's St Stephen's church on St. Vincent Street, as seen in screengrab above (all from this video created by Gregor Schmatz). #desktopvacation

[Update - corrections thx to reader Ryan. Hope no one got lost due to the earlier errors...]