Thursday, August 29

10E2231: The Uniform

Except for a smart lunch; my uniform for recent family trip to Scotland consisted of Barbour Bedale rewaxed for the trip, LLBean Sig pants, and LLBean rubber mocs (beach/rain shoes and easy on/off at airport security). 

We spent almost a week in Glenelg, a small town on the West of Scotland  - a quicky ferry bounce to the Isle of Skye. Though the nearby port Kyle of Lochalsh gets large fishing catches on Tuesday and Thursday you had to be pretty nimble to score any of it - most of it sold commercially and not to local fishmonger who consisted of a man in a trailer who also sells ice cream to tourists (really good ice cream). A butcher's shop sold the bigger fish on Tuesday (pollock, haddock) while trailerman sold the shellfish. We did in the end eat fish almost every lunch and dinner, cooking it all with a large AGA (the large "always on" oven/stovetop/waterboiler that dominates some UK country houses).

Smallish oyster farm on Skye, shed near Talisker distillery. Cashier would shuck a dozen for you on the spot.
Used some gone-by peaches to attempt small fruit pies, recipe from The Lunchlady

Not just for breakfast! Even made black pudding "sausage rolls" (pig in a blanket) with it. Mmmmm 

 For the man who has everything... Personalized bread board. Great gift idea.
The other Mrs Fox on-hand had these kee-lassic older Hunter boots.  Real deal.

Found wild raspberries. Handy having small children carrying buckets...

Guy up the road has several poly-tunnels with all manner of veg. Zucchini flowers were huge. 

 Rosted tatties from local guy with the polytunnel - done in the AGA next day while out walking.

The meat sauce in the AGA didn't do so well... 
Had to call a chap at the local Inn to go round and yank it as we were out walking and had forgotten.
Destroyed... But he left an amusing note. #oops

Brother #1

Pictures take themselves. Even went swimming...  

The Tea Hut - in village of Corran just past Arnisdale. Essential stop.
Arnisdale was an ancestral home of Valentine Fleming, father of Ian Fleming. Shades of Skyfall...