Tuesday, November 5

10E2271: 45th Pawlet Game Supper - Nov 16th

On November 16th, 2013 be in Pawlet VT.... The annual Wild Game & Chicken Pie Supper to benefit the Pawlet Fire Department. Menu is bear roast, venison roast, venison stew, mooseballs [meatballs, made out of... -ed.], chicken pie, salad, and homemade fruit pies w/ cheddar. The joke is - the dinner is free, you pay $12 for the pie... About 400 people get served on this evening and it is quite the scene. Doors open at 5 p.m. At the Pawlet Firehouse, Rte. 133 VT... you'll see the line. Adults $12.00, under 12 $6.00. Need more info? 802-325-3495.

The supper is always held the first day of deer (rifle) season in Vermont. It is a week late this year so check your calendar. "Vermont's November rifle deer hunting and youth weekend dates are set by law and revolve around Thanksgiving Day. Due to the late date for Thanksgiving this year, these deer seasons begin later than usual. Nearly two weeks will have elapsed between the close of archery season and youth weekend this year. Normally the gap is less than one week." - via Brattleboro Reformer.

These sorts of community events have a habit of disappearing right when you start to count on them... but this will be the 45th supper hosted by the volunteer fire dept of Pawlet to raise funds. Pro tip from our smart cousins (in point of fact they are rocket scientists...) - bring tupperware: buy 2 dinners and take one home. It is long tables and communal seating. Awesome.

The drive from Manchester/Dorset over the flats to Pawlet is a stunner and by 4:30 the sun will be going down; cue sunset. Pic below from flickr, courtesy of tballred9873. Temp will dip though as you wait on line to get in; dress properly.