Tuesday, November 12

10E2275: Wick Ahrens - Whales in Vermont

Artist and sculptor Wick Ahrens is known for creating whales out of basswood in a naturalistic style. His studio/gallery in Weston, VT is called Whales in Vermont - playful name as Vermont is landlocked... but that is part of the joke I imagine. His work is in corporate collections, galleries, public spaces and occasionally for sale. Smaller (32") pieces are sometimes in the New England tradition of weathervane icons [like those -ed.] and others go up in size to 54" or commissioned 18 foot x 1000lb works.

Male and Female Sperm Whales
Acrylic on Pine

"Where Have All The Whalers Gone"
Acrylic On Bass Wood, Mounted on Corian Base 
Note whaling dory attached - (created by Blue Jacket Shipcrafters)