Thursday, January 16

10E2308: Statriot Western American Tuxedo - Giveaway

I do like a good "western" shirt. Have been part of my uniform since the invention of eBay - it was all the fault of those Sears & Roebuck catalogs from the 1970s.

Not entirely sure if the name of Statriot Designs is a contraction of State and Patriot or maybe owner Scott has an accounting side job so thinks Stats are a Riot... In any event the latest release from our new friends in Mon-truckin-tana is this Western American Tuxedo and he is giving one away today on 10engines.

This unisex shirt (printed in Montana on American-made, American Apparel shirts, 50/50 cotton/poly - ladies size down) riffs on Nudie Cohen pearl snaps, rhinestones and all the rest. Badass eagle has your back... The images on the shoulders are of a yucca plant (left) and a Bitterroot - two examples of the plant life out west.

To win: visit the Statriot Designs site then come back here and leave a comment below with your second favorite shirt design name and size preference. Will pull a winner at 5pm EST. We have a winner - Heather via Facebook. Pick a size. #winnerwinnerchickendinner