Tuesday, February 4

10E2318: Kaufmann Mercantile - An Oyster Primer

Had a blast interviewing [emailing -ed.] a few folk and digging around about oyster opening practices. We are fortunate on the East Coast to have access to several varieties of oysters (and clams - but another time...) and the history and traditions that surround their use is fascinating. I scratch the surface in this short article over at Kaufmann Mercantile

Thanks to Chris Sherman of Island Creek Oysters for his thoughts, and also Matt Hranek of WMBrownProject and Alternate Route fame for his get-out clause; "When in doubt (i.e. you can’t shuck worth a damn), throw them on a hot grill and let the heat do the work!"

The knives featured on the KM siteare by the storied MA firm RMurphy (they make the ICO blaze ones too). Factory visit later in the year I hope...