Friday, November 7

10E2402: Moriarty Hats (updated)

Moriarty Hats, made in Stowe VT from the 50's until fairly recently. Adopted by the skiing faithful after Marvin Moriarty wore his ma's handmade hat on the ski circuit, and the 1956 Cortina Winter Olympics. Great story from, again, the Austrian invasion days (Emo Heinrich of Stratton even makes an appearance, classic, and the text above is written by a buddy's uncle  Peter Miller.)

Marvin was a sort of 'Bode Miller' of his day - and in real life an absolute no-bullshit guy.

Moriarty Hats was sold to another Stowe man in the 1980's who was again a passionate skier, though it seems to have all folded a few years ago. Nothing out of this world, but you know it when you see it... that peaked top. (pics below via ebay)

Others followed the style of course; Wigwam, Columbia, Turtle Fur, you find a ton out there... but Moriarty were first. They even make an appearance in the bible below.

Must read article below from Skiing Heritage Journal (June 2006).