Tuesday, January 20

10E2421: Underwater Audio - Giveaway

Update - we have 2 winners. Ross with "Underwater fishing, treasure hunting, diving for lost golf balls" and out of the hat pull Mike. Thanks all.

Giveaway: Underwater Audio have provided 2 sets of headphones and ear 'fits' as above to give away through 10E. Just email me (james at 10engines dot com) and tell me what activity you will use them for and I'll pick 2 winners at 4pm. Bingo. $70 value. If you need a waterproof iPod you can buy one from them too.

Underwater Audio has spent the last two years developing Swimbuds Sport waterproof headphones (patents pending). Swimbuds Sport headphones create a perfect waterproof seal designed for flip turns. The durability of Swimbuds Sport headphones makes them tougher than any other waterproof headphone on the market (1-year warranty).

All kinds of sports. We designed Swimbuds Sport for the true athlete. These headphones come with four different styles of earbuds so that you can find the right fit for any sport.  If you want to run or bike, you might find the right fit with our Ergo buds. If you want to swim, put the Tree eartips on for the best watertight seal.  If you plan on surfing, wakeboarding, or enjoying other water activities, try out our Fin tips. All of our earbuds work for swimming laps – find the fit that works for you. Use the short cord headphones while swimming to keep the tangle out of your flip turn. Use the extension cord for extra length when you need it.

Frustration-free packaging. We removed all that annoying cardboard that gets between you and your product. Open your Swimbuds Sport hassle free and reduce your carbon footprint.

What you get:
  • 1 pair of Waterproof Short Cord Swimbuds Sport Headphones*
  • 1 39-inch (1m) Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Audio Extension Cord (white)
  • 4 types of eartips: 1 pair or round eartips for comfort. 1 pair or tree eartips for swimming, 1 pair of fin eartips for water activities, and 4 different sizes of the ergo eartips for running and biking.
  • 1 mesh bag for storing and carrying the lot.