Monday, May 11

10E2450: Green Mountain Tick Repellent

A few years ago 10e friend Victoria DiMonda created Green Mountain Tick Repellent; mixed and bottled in Dorset, Vermont. She uses essential oils as the active ingredients including Rose Geranium, Lemongrass and Cedarwood for an extremely effective repellent against ticks. Sidenote, smells fantastic to humans.

I have heard the ticks are out already in New England, guess the harsh winter did not matter to them. Infact may be the opposite - may be worse than ever this year. Pick it up at locally or buy online here. Essential (NPI) piece of kit.
"The idea for Green Mountain Tick Repellent originated about 5 years ago. My then 4 year old daughter came inside after playing, to tell me she had a “bump” in her head. When I investigated, the bump turned out to be a half engorged tick. I was unable to remove the entire blood-filled insect, resulting in the head remaining burrowed in her scalp. The doctor couldn’t get us in until afternoon, so I had to spend the entire morning knowing she had a disgusting piece of a tick under her skin.  
I knew there had to be something out there that I could put on not only my dog, but my kids, without chemicals or 25% poison. I started to search. Nothing. So I decided to make my own.  
Green Mountain Tick Repellent is an all-natural alternative to conventional methods of repelling ticks from humans and canines. It contains a combination of natural essential oils that work together to repel ticks. It works great for hunters, hikers, fisherman, loggers, outdoorsmen, dogs and the people who love them! AND IT WORKS!"