Friday, May 22

10E2454: Tennis Elbow Is Not At All Humorous

With one swing of the racket last week I felt a small 'twang' like a rubber band in my elbow. Always thought "tennis elbow' was a load of hooey - it is not funny(bone) at all... damn painful.

You know what else - the fine art of the reblog... not practiced much nowadays. [nice segue - ed.] Big fan here. If you did not catch All Plaidout's week long tribute to David Letterman, well lets fix that...

Newman x Letterman. Venn diagram time for Max Wastler... fantastic stuff. You can even jump right in at the end with the above, and essential viewing is an episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with Letterman. Who is a pretty snappy #menswear dresser in his downtime btw - you think the short sleeved sweatshirt is a Newman nod? Have a look.

But back to me... we didn't see Letterman growing up as no tv to speak of - plus in UK half the time. And the one week Dave came to London (remember that?)  not his best era perhaps. Anyhow, men are lucky ain't we - getting more grizzled as we get older.  Compliments cost nothing folks - hence the reblog.