Friday, September 23

10E2565: People's Choice Beef Jerky - intro and giveaway

I don't tend to bite (OH!!) on many emails sent in - but this is a great story, and they are willing to share with 10e readers too (see end over thx!).  People's Choice Beef Jerky made in LA for almost 90 years. From their blurb:
"Jerky. No longer relegated to preservative-riddled gas station fodder, the long-time go-to snack has been elevated with high quality ingredients... interesting flavors and skip on the additives, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. We let the star of beef jerky shine – rich protein found in the 100% USA-sourced beef."

The younger member of the business Brian Bianchetti wrote in, above Brian and his father Mark Bianchetti, 3rd and 4th generation owners. "This building has housed four generations of my family's business, so it felt amazing to be part of that history with my dad."

Brian: We have been handcrafting premium meats for over 87 years and four generations in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Our heritage, tradition, and dedication to quality have inspired us to create a website to tell our story and offer handmade beef jerky to those that appreciate things that are made with purpose.

My great-grandfather, John, founded Peoples Sausage Company in 1929 as a local butcher shop, serving the local community with a variety of premium meat products (including jerky). By the time my grandfather took over, our business had evolved into restaurant supply, servicing a variety of restaurants all over the Greater LA area. It was my Father, Mark, in the late 1980s that decided to focus the company almost exclusively on beef jerky - something we've always done, but never focused on completely. Some of the recipes  date back to my Great Grandfather in the 1920s.
Having such a rich tradition in Los Angeles has been influential in our identity - one of the products being the Carne Seca. We have such rich culinary tradition right here in our backyard with a mix of cultures and ethnicities, it's great to pay homage to that. We find inspiration for new flavors and styles right here in LA. 

10E: your price points are strong ($6). Are you in any stores out there i can talk about?
Brian: I'm glad you noticed the price points. One of the benefits of manufacturing everything in house is that we can keep our costs down compared to the larger companies that have their product made my co-packers. We cut out [butchers pun!  - ed] the middle man by selling direct to consumers (BUY). One of our goals is to deliver the highest quality product while maintaining prices at affordable levels.
The best places to purchase People's Choice Beef Jerky are at our Downtown Location - 1132 E. Pico (for local LA or SoCal people), or online. Our biggest grocery customer is Smart&Final where you can find the Carne Seca product. 

Giveaway: 10e readers - YOU TOO can win a taste of this historic and intelligently updated jerky - visit their site and then email me or tweet/RT at me and cc  @PCBeefJerky the flavor you would like to try. Help these guys out. Big it up...    Over - Thx!   Even better go buy some here -

Thx - J