Tuesday, October 4

10E2568: Pennsylvania Tuxedo - Woolrich x Dogfish Head

"Pennsylvania Tuxedo is a spruce-infused pale ale whose name pays homage to the red and black plaid wool outfits traditionally worn by hunters in the deep woods of Pennsylvania" [where pencils come from - ed].

Woolrich and Dogfish Head are teaming up again. Pennsylvania Tuxedo, a pale ale brewed with spruce tips will begin shipping nationwide on October 24, 2016. The clothing line, which features  “Dogfish Head Plaid” flannels for both genders, caps, blankets, and neat doo-dads - will also be available.

The idea behind the collaboration was inspired by a story from the mid-19th century when Michael Bond Rich, grandson of Woolrich founder, John Rich, had an unforgettable encounter with spruce beer. The incident occurred when his father was hosting a barn raising. The young M.B. Rich recalled, “On account of rain on the day set, the raising was postponed a couple of days and the spruce beer which was prepared had acquired a potency not intended. As it was accessible to me, I drank quite freely and, when later on I stooped over to get a drink from the spring, I fell in headfirst and was too much intoxicated to get out.”
Luckily, M.B. Rich was saved by a woman who happened to be fetching water from the spring, and the young boy lived to tell the story that helped Dogfish Head create Pennsylvania Tuxedo.

If you have not checked out Woolrich lately or had perhaps forgotten about their other lines - have a second look.  Everyone involved obv had a ton of fun with this. Good stuff, via Dogfish Head.