Thursday, January 21

3 tech nuggets

So, you found a great youtube video but only want a snippet... or want to stop it right before the swearing starts to post on your blog... No problem. (N.B. this wont work with Vimeo yet)

1. Find the video you want to chop (youtube).
2. Chop the good part (tubechop).
3. Share.

Motherboard on buddy's PC died. Or you are upgrading to a new machine. Use the old harddrive as an external drive to get at the data... you can attach it to your new machine with this DriveMate. Caveat; some have noticed surging if AC power not plugged in first. More forumtalk at NewEgg.

Quick backstory; Gale and another entity Ebsco are two huge, competing pay services for electronic versions of journals, newspapers and reference materials that are subscribed to by corporate and educational facilities (including public libraries of a certain size). It is sort of like a Murrays Toggery vs. Nobby Clothes Shop thing in the library world.

Missed this a month ago and just tried it recently... AcccessMyLibrary is a free iPhone app that locates libraries within a 10mile radius and authenticates you for access to the Gale databases to which that library subscribes. The initial screen is a google map that also supplies the address/phone etc of the library picked btw. Thought this unicorn-phone app was very slick, though the ensuing displayed database pages are not optimized for the iPhone; that will come no doubt. But, it is free access to immense amounts of vetted info. Get this app.