Tuesday, November 3

bookshelf -100 pounds of popcorn

This is out of print but tons around on the 'bay. Fantastic 60's illustrations of family life (cue madras shorts for dad, pipe at all times, OTC socks.)

A truck in front of dad and the kids hits a bump and drops a 100 pound bag of popcorn... so what do you do?? Take it home and start a competition w/ your friends to see who can sell more of course... Lessons along the way on friendship and money getting in the way, also some marketing tips in there. Published in 1961 by Vanguard Press for the Scholastic Book Club, written by Hazel Krantz (prolific children's/YA author). Bonus; make some popcorn afterwards (if not already sick of it) w/ the kids. Scans from JL.Incrowd's flickr.