Friday, July 26

10E2217: Leather Works Minnesota - Cousin Johnny's Cowboy Wallet

You had me at cowboy... 

I never post about wallets and leathery stuff generally but the sheer simplicity and "everything you need and nothing you don't" of this one-snap-billfold from Leather Works Minnesota grabbed me. $25. This wallet would have been perfect for Mrs 10E's grandpa. If he couldn't buy whatever it was with the wedge of cash in his wallet then he didn't need it. Credit cards... credit? Four letter word followed. That four letter word was cash.

Have a look at their toothpick holder. Just looks solid. Not scrappy leather hastily stitched - though I imagine they are utilizing scraps of leftovers - leathers come from Ohio, California, and Red Wing, Minnesota. I see you triple-stitched ends! Lee and Kent Begnaud are the bosses here (and parents) - NorthernGrade regulars I understand. 

The filmer of their video below says "It's 90 degrees in MN right now, but let us not forget what life's like when it's 09 degrees." Here here.

10E2216: Enlightenment From Steve Martin

In the 1990s movie Housesitter Steve Martin's slightly uptight East Coast character confirms a truth for all the ladies out there... and his con-artist houseguest Goldie Hawn.
Newton (Martin): Would you mind not going around the house dressed like that...
Gwen (Hawn): Too tight too revealing?
Newton: It's like this kind of thing [Martin's blue chambray shirt -ed.]. Whether you know it or not it's a huge turn-on.
Gwen: That's a turn-on??
Newton: Are you kidding me? You look incredible in this! Just don't wear it!
Take away? Steal our clothes.

Thursday, July 25

10E2215: Pierrepont Hicks - Track Vest

One cool day out and already thinking of stuff like this... Available by pre-order from Pierrepont Hicks, this blanket style vest dubbed Track Vest.  Also a grey/cream blanket version called Gadwell.

  • 100% wool exterior
  • 700 fill down
  • 100% nylon interior
  • Down filled collar with inside pockets and down filled front pockets
  • Made in Seattle, WA.

Tuesday, July 23

10E2214: Mobile Farmers Market x Bookdrop in Somerville

Bit of cross-promotion here... in collaboration with Shape Up Somerville, Groundwork Somerville and Enterprise Farm - The Friends of the Somerville Public Library (my side gig) are involved in a veggy/book swap. This brings a selection of free veg to the Somerville central library each Monday in the summer and in exchange trades a box of books to be given away at the mobile farmer's market as it stops around Somerville (MA). "Salad" turnips... have you had those as above at top? Great roasted w garlic or chilled and sliced raw in a salad. Above was Monday's latest drop - awesome corn/onion/carrots/cucumbers/squash

Huge thanks to our admin partner and farm-truck-driver Liana for continuing our partnership for this second year. People have definitely got the memo about beets being so good - last year there was always a good haul left over (as below pictures below) but not so many this year. 

This gent Perry was a volunteer last year. Knows the score. #beets #veggypower

Friday, July 19

10E2213: The Board of Longitude

"The Board of Longitude sent astronomers on voyages of exploration to test methods of navigation and help make better maps. Cambridge University Library and the National Maritime Museum have digitised the Board of Longitude archive and are now available to view online
This film looks at some of the techniques they used to make maps and introduces the story of William Gooch, a young astronomer who met an untimely end. For more information visit"

Thursday, July 18

10E2212: Bern - "Allston" Bike Helmet

With the most airflow of all the Bern helmets so far, The Allston is specifically designed with the bike rider in mind. Flip Visor technology, 16 vents, starting at a weight of 13oz. Still all-season-compatible w option of Bern's trademark snap-in winter liners. $89. Assuming named Allston after the Allston-Brighton section of greater Boston (Bern is headquartered in Massachusetts).

Wednesday, July 17

10E2211: Food DIY - Lobster Bake in a Wheelbarrow - w/ Tim Hayward

As the FT's Tim Hayward (10e favourite) explains, this is at once a pretty ingenious idea (creating a sand/rock/charcoal/seaweed clam bake in a wheel barrow), but as importantly a chance to get close to your food, re-engage with eating and cooking.

Have been thinking about lobsters quite a bit recently. Not least because they are cheap (again) but also reexamining the cooking of them. Talking about killing them first before cooking them... For humane reasons but also safety - flapping tails and boiling water don't mix. I worked at Nantucket's The Chanticleer for Chef Jean-Charles in 1993 (in the dining room - FPC - fkin plate carrier) and even he insisted on the bugs being killed first before the next stage - they were then injected with champagne and butter, Ronco style, before being baked. Mmmmm.

It has stumped scientists and I certainly don't have the answer but the 2 popular and supposedly humane methods - bisecting the head either through top of shell or flipped over - both take a strong sharp knife and a steady hand. This is home cookery so perhaps falls into the "if you can't do you maybe you shouldn't eat it" category? As Trevor Corson (author "Secret Life of Lobsters") says "we don’t know exactly whether crustaceans feel pain or not. But... it seems a safe assumption that being boiled alive probably sucks."

Tuesday, July 16

10E2210: 2-Piece Camp/Beach Chairs

Based on a Civil War era design (can buy the plans for the above example from Mitchell-Hollow), these 2 piece camping chairs are a fencepost alternative to the 2cupholdersbrandedtohell chairs that pollute populate most beaches.

The above made by Scott Bailey's firm in the Appalachians from ash w/ stainless steel fasters and Sunbrella awning fabric. $50 here.
Another good ash option available from Kaufmann-Mercantile; waxed canvas back and all-weather Danish oil treated. $98.

These chairs recognizable as the well-loved Byers of Maine "Maine Loungers" - now made abroad of kiln dried keruing. $40.

Friday, July 12

10E2209: Carhartt - Aztec

Pure Marmite. Beautiful/fugly as all get out.

10E2208: Sporty

Varsity styled fleece jacket from S/Double

Custom letterman sweater from Hobey/TT. Met one of these guys in Boston last year, and they have managed to get the stars to align and produce these v nice looking cardigans. Co-owner Brook Lane gave me a more detailed description as below;
"Our letterman sweaters are knit with select three-ply virgin wool in the Midwest at a small knitting mill. Each sweater is finished with wood buttons crafted at the only remaining wooden button factory in the United Stated and shipped in a complimentary Hobey tote bag that is sewn in Ohio. These sweaters are quite robust and are crafted to keep you warm at a tailgate or early spring fete."

Thursday, July 11

10E2207: Leviathan

"Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor are instructors in Harvards ‘Sensory Ethnography Lab’ which takes as a premise that artists, scientists and academics rely too heavily on words to convey ethnographic experiences.

For their film, Leviathan, the two documented commercial shipping off the coast of New Bedford in Massachussets..." -
Missed the reviews/release of this a few months back - looks challenging but worth it. No narration, barely any speaking or explication, but a barrage of noise and images as GoPro footage from around, inside, and on a fishing boat documents the water, fish, death, and work of a modern trawler.

Tuesday, July 9

10E2206: BNTO - By Cuppow

Taking inspiration from bento boxes, the folks at CUPPOW have created a modular insert to turn a canning jar into a compartmentalized lunchbox; meet BNTO

Not only keeps your food seperated until you need it, but can also act as a little dipper bowl. Or, keep a few ice cubes in there till you need them to add to your liquid dinner... Just sayin! The 6-oz BNTO works with  wide mouth canning jars (jar sold separately). Made from BPA/BPS-free rigid plastic (as are the CUPPOW lids). Reusable and dishwasher safe (top rack). Product and Packaging made in the USA, from 100% recycled materials. $8.

Is this a solution that needed to be created? Hell yes. Sure I can throw a container of vinaigrette into a bigger container of salad but my greens get all squashed - like the lunch I brought in today... no joke. Not gonna lie - I think our Somerville neighbors at CUPPOW/Fringe are the bee's knees anyway, but this insert will be v v handy. #wellplayed #perfecttiming  

Monday, July 8

10E2205: Preppy Pimms on the Church Lawn

Sure pink lobster belt, pink seersucker... but the cufflink-esqe tie clip... mindblown. Most gents were in the "The Uniform" - blue blazers and khakis. Not cotton, gabardines for darn's sake... Pinkish tweed slippers w/ Lilly (below) - well played Mrs. Cufflink.

An elder gent had missed the early service so came along to the 11 (ends at 12, so one can have a drink after I assume... "completely different crowd" he told me...). Took me to school w/ his seersuck/mocassin combo. #newshorts #trainingwheels #gumshoes

Pennies or tassels. Why not both! Lobster and cracked crab for everybody. Andy Murray won his third set about 5 minutes later.

10E2204: The Birds

The Birds, one of the most famous short stories by novelist Daphne duMaurier, is v different from the same-named movie directed by Hitchcock but manages to reach that intensity in about 40 pages. Published originally in a collection of stories titled The Apple Tree in 1952 then later as The Birds and other stories I just found it in this pocket paperback. You can read it for yourself online.  Set in Cornwall, England over about 48 hours, and centered on a farmer and his family, it creates feelings of claustrophobia and fear of change from an Eastern wind (this is post WWII remember) - will also gets any parent's blood pumping similar to McCarthy's The Road. #recommend.

Wednesday, July 3

10E2203: Filson - Soy

A whole raft of new Filson gear out - and much more to come I understand with various fits etc. These 2 pieces above made using 100% cotton twill with soy wax coating - new for them?

Also a couple of Filson classics w/ tiny twists, as below. And a sort of baker's jacket/work jacket made w/ Harris Tweed.

10E2202: Location Scouting w/ Google Maps - Somerville

Goes way back... storefront part so neat - love the blank sign. The old J.R.'s Convenience - not to be confused with JR's Deli and Convenience. Anyone have more info?

Tuesday, July 2

10E2201: Icehole

"Featuring interlocking non-skid feet, an exclusive freezer seal design, and latches from the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle, ICEHOLE is an investment in outdoor fun built to be tough." These are not military-use coolers but claimed to be built that tough. Nested feet design allows for stacking. A shade less expensive than similar Yeti coolers and decidedly made in the USA. Come in 100 quart, 35 quart or M60 (Patton) 60 quart sizes. Moab (above), green (below), coyote beige or white rotomolded plastic.

Monday, July 1

10E2200: Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer (ident and image above by Thomas Wilder) is a new magazine for, not modern bigtime/industrial farmers perhaps, but those that want to know more about small and large scale food production - and definitely for food-blog reading types that want ot stretch themselves as well as small growers.
"There has been a movement afoot in recent years to make connections between what we eat, how we live and the planet.Modern Farmer exists for people who want to be a part of that movement—it is for window-herb growers, career farmers, people who have chickens, people who want to have chickens and anyone who wants to know more about how food reaches their plate." - Modern Farmer
This first issue has a neat article about a guy on Bruny Island on Tasmania (fave spot of Rohan Anderson's) and their tote bags are made by Pointer Brand - simply name checked as L.C. King Manufacturing Co. here but you read blogs so you know the deal. Lots of the featured articles on online now - further reading.

10E2199: Sport Fun, Inc. - Barn Score

Big, orange, barn score. So loosey goosey - had to crank the bushings all the way down - but kids picked up this old vinyl board at a yard sale the other day for $1. #tiresalittlesquashy #helmetmandatory

Sun bleached upper. #landyacht