Friday, December 31

new year's eve

Warm milk w/ mixed chocolate and shammallow/guimauves... Ice sculptures don't stand a chance. See you out there 2011.

Thursday, December 30

harris tweed moments

I believe HarrisTweedScotland is the youtube channel of Harris Tweed Scotland Limited, ie the Brian Haggas venture. Anyhow, these clips aren't awful... is someone there waking up? Getting switched on?

16 y/o catches 64lb salmon

It was late afternoon on Saturday October 7th 1922, Miss Georgina Ballantine was fishing the Tay, near Caputh, with her ferryman father James. Earlier in the day she had caught three salmon - one of 25lbs, one of 21lbs and one of 17lbs. They were harling [harling involves row trolling with a long length of fly line in the water, with the oarsman manipulating the boat in order to maneuver the fly for presentation -ed.] from the boat at the top end of the Boat Pool on the Glendelvine Beat, just as the sun dipped below the lovely Perthshire hills.

As they came downstream just above the Bargie Stone, still a prominent marker in the Boat Pool today, a fish took on Georgina's rod. It immediately took a huge run of about 500 yards downstream, followed by the boat with James rowing with all his might.

The fish swam downstream under the piers of Caputh Brig, and they went ashore to fight the fish with more side-strain from the bank. The great fight continued into the deepening dusk. They were not able to bring the fish to shore so James and Georgina re-embarked in the dark and dropped back all the way down Sparrowmuir Pool. James insisted that greater and greater strain be put on the rod until at last the fish came closer.

Eventually it came close enough to use the gaff, and drag it over the gunwale and into the boat. Mr Moir's 'Nabbie' - a priest - was used and the great fish went to meet its maker. It was 64 Ibs in weight, a record which has not been exceeded as a rod-caught salmon in Scotland.
-via FlyFishingPoint

Miss Georgina Ballantine ©The Illustrated London News, 1922.

Wednesday, December 29

bands and layers -3

It is not all cabled forearms and sprezzatura... prefer equal opportunity at 10e. Via JCrew.

marshall headphones

Released last month, just saw a guy on the T with them last night... these Marshall Major cans look fantastic. Hard to find a hands-on-review but Technoodling says, "overall the Majors sounded confident and musical." Produced by Zound Industries, they cost around $100.

Tuesday, December 28

norton & sons -new site

Doesn't blow the doors off but that is part of the appeal. "Free from unnecessary detail" as they say. Link.

'pea and ham' from a chicken -now that's clever

If anyone had a holiday ham (talking to the gentiles here I guess...) then hope you are making pea and ham soup. Sis making ours right now. So good. Remember this late 80s ad from Knorr?? #catchphrase

Sunday, December 26

snopocalypse 2010

Shirt purchased in 1986 from this place... the original Burton board "factory", Londonderry Vt. [recent streetview -ed.] Why hasn't Jake bought this back and turned it into a museum?? #fishinabarrel

Friday, December 24

code red gift guide

Gas stations and grocery stores... that's all you have left. The brick-maker from Flexible Flyer is bolts. Add a red bow. Under control. Already test drove the battle tool below... get a few. Awesome.

Thursday, December 23

robinson's handmade irish brogues

The Andrew Jackson full brogue. First non-bespoke model offered by small County Antrim shoemaker and shoeshop Robinson's Shoemakers. The recessed stitching is clutch.

Avaliable in: Whiskey, Blackthorne or Peat calf uppers.
Double leather Goodyear welted sole in bottle-green finish.
Leather bottle-green lining and trim
Leather heels with 1/4 Rubber Tip.
About $500.

michael margolnick -the ladder

Set in Maine, an apprentice cobbler runs till he gets the girl. Song from Margolnick's new/first(?) album Taylorsville. Random find.

paine products -smoke a house

Paine Products from Auburn, Maine apparently use 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of dried balsam tips every week. Local loggers and tree farmers bring in offcut tips from their operations and these are ground down to be put into pillow fillings. The leftover sawdust is used to create the infamous scented sticks that can be burned in the log cabin incense holders (numbers via Mooseville).

These would go perfect w/ those "balsam fir" colored Field Notes you got. You didn't miss those did you?

Wednesday, December 22

rapha continental

In awe that all the interviews and clips were shot, sound synced and edited during the year by just 1 guy. Benji Wagner. Serious Dr. Ock.

j. panther luggage co.

These bags from J. Panther Luggage are a little rich for 10e content but do like the illustrations by Chris Sharp. Designed and tested in New York City the bags are made by leatherworkers in New England.

Materials include; 21oz canvas produced in Scotland -mil. spec., leather from Chicago’s Horween tannery, and solid brass hardware. Further reading. If your RSS is primed you will have heard all this already... but if you live in Boston you can see the goods firsthand at LouisBoston.

berg toys

Berg Toys started by Henk van den Berg, designs and builds their thickcut pedal-karts in Holland. Looks fun as hell. They have a 25th anniversary model available through Harrods and few branded versions too. The accessories list is insane; you can even attach a snowplow or trailer to these things... actually that isn't a bad idea.

south to drop off moron

John Hughes wrote the script for Mr. Mom, one of our perennial favourites. Solid gold. Pure 80's suburbia. Jack Butler may not be a sartorial inspiration (though has hot and cold running ocbd's) but the movie, about a Detroit car company exec' wrangling the kids while wife goes back to work, is eerily relevant for our bailout/bust times. So many good lines... Sidenote, Keaton is on fire here. Hell, we even quote from Multiplicity... TTF.

"Dad, you're doing it wrong. "
"South to drop off MorON!"

"Can you run the hams by me on more time?"

"Just get baloney mister!"


"Want a beer? ... Scotch?"

" How about a nice trim on that mustache RON!"

Jack Butler method part II. Let's skip a few steps.

Batman in a salt & pepper sportcoat. Partycrasher at back left...
Kids looking sharp. Tweed woobie?
"South to drop off... Get it right next time."
Getting dark. His shoe vs TV. TV loses. Phone already smashed.

All babies should eat chili... Family!!