Friday, August 31

10E2030: That Lakefront Look

Can you believe there is already a slight chill in the air? Packing for lakefront R&R, hope they have a coffee maker... Bringing our own paddles and vests though.

Jacket: old Levi's Trucker w/ Troy lining.
Bag: Friends of the Somerville Public Library 24oz canvas. $50 to members. Badass. Huge. Email me for more info...
Pants: Stan Ray Camp Trouser, previously available at Hickoree's. Dirt cheap, made in Texas.
Shoes; LLBean Ducks. Essential.
Belt: TOPO Designs Web Belt.
Tee: Poler Awesome Owl
Green Mountain Tick Repellent: A friend brews this herself partly using Lemongrass and Cedarwood. Works and smells great. $10.

Thursday, August 30

10E2029: WOW | Foote's Ice Cream, Fried Clams, Onion Rings...

Foote's in Salisbury, MA. They had me at "clam boat". Handbrake turn. There is a place in Glasgow (Scotland) that is known for soft ice cream and potato fritters (Kings Cafe) and you can mimic that here. Have been dying for fried post-beach food and this place delivered.  "Don't let the kids touch 'em" was her advice, damn right. Seering hot onion rings - awesome.

Tuesday, August 28

Friday, August 24

10E2027: Yawgoon Dylan Gamache

Mostly all filmed at tiny Yawgoo Valley. Boat and lobster traps as park features? Nice work Rhode Island. Enjoyed this a ton. Huge smile. Want to get my kit ready now...  Edit by Brendan Gouin, via YoBeat.  The walk through the lodge? Great, so old time. Love the small ski areas like this or Bradford, wooden lockers, open fire etc. Also huge props on the Creedence. #hellyeahropeswing

Thursday, August 23

10E2026: Jordi Savall and Tous Les Matins Du Monde

"The rich, pungent tones of the viola da gamba, played by Jordi Savall, are the main feature of this CD. Savall is an acknowledged master of the instrument, and of this music... The music is varied, including a celebratory introduction, but the more meditative mood predominates. Savall is joined on about half the tracks by a few other choice players in various combinations, with harpsichord, theorbo (a lute-like instrument of low range), violin, and/or second viola da gamba. The first track is the only one to include an entire (small) orchestra. Two tracks include vocals by Savall's wife Montserrat Figueras and Maria Cristina Kiehr. 
The music is mostly by the two composers whose relationship is the focus of the movie, the mysterious Sainte-Colombe (c 1630-c 1700) and Marin Marais (1656-1728), with a few pieces by near contemporaries, and one by Savall." - via Amazon

I like "early" music generally (taking it to mean approx middle ages to 18th century, including the Baroque period) especially the viola/cello family stuff. The soundtrack to the 1991 film Tous Les Matins Du Monde (featuring GĂ©rard Depardieu and his tragic son Guillaume) may hold up, but the OST is fantastic. One subject of the film, Monsieur de Sainte Colombe, was a composer whose work was championed by Spanish musician Jordi Savall - the main performer on the soundtrack and a long-time figure in the early music scene.

The whole thing available to stream on RDIO.

Wednesday, August 22

10E2025: Nick Wooster x United Arrows 2012 Harris Tweed Mallory Jacket

Reblog from Hypebeast; Nick Wooster x United Arrows 2012 Harris Tweed Mallory Jacket. Hells expensive no doubt. Even w/o the lining it'd be boss...
"A medley of tweeds in varying patterns — herringbone, Black Watch plaid and pinstripes, among them — forms the base of the winter-weight jacket, while his [Nick Wooster's -ed.] signature camouflage lines the interior."

Sunday, August 19

10E2024: Caps For Sale | Ball and Buck + 10engines


New release; Ball and Buck + 10engines. Made in the USA five panel hat; headliner-scraping crown, mesh back, old time "USA" molded snap, doubled canvas duck front, and pony boy gold rope stitching. Visor lined with Ball and Buck's signature 8oz camo.

Back story: Last year I approached the Boston store Ball and Buck simply to get some manufacturing info and we ended up working together to create a product that reflects both our sensibilities. One of the guys is also my neighbor... so a lot of porch-rocking discussions. They will release this along with some heavier-weight products at an in-store event next Thursday; RSVP.

Be great to see people at the in-store do, but you may also buy a hat online through their shop - use code 10engines for $3 off and free shipping thus $25 shipped. (code expires after event date 8/23/12)

Seems unbelievable but it is hard to find good old, no-frills seed hats manufactured in the USA now. K-Products were a storied brand (did a run with them here) but taken over by Staples in 2008, and then the caps no longer manufactured domestically...  

"In 1998, [Swingster] bought K-Products, the company later changed its name to American Identity. [They infact kept K-Products going as a parallel company -ed.]
In 2007, Staples Corp. acquired American Identity. The business name was changed once again, this time to Staples Promotional Products in 2008." -via Chief Marketer 

Thursday, August 16

10E2023: Bachelor Dinner | 3

Basically the burgers and mushrooms are a coleslaw-delivery-system. Homemade 'slaw FTW.

It can get a little silly celebrating (or mourning) the countless anniversaries of celebs, but it is currently Bukowski's birthday anniversary, the anniversary of Elvis' death, and would have been Julia Child's (not Childs') 100th birthday give or take a day.

The only pictures we have in our kitchen are an old B&W of my bruv at The Rosebud diner, and a photo of a younger Elvis. #fans Copy of EP's early album Sunshine on RDIO right now - hat tip to TheFoxIsBlack, no relation. Sunshine basically a studio version of the songs Elvis was doing on the Louisiana Hayride tour/radio show. Good stuff.

Further reading; Bachelor Dinner, Bachelor Dinner-2

Wednesday, August 15

10E2022: Burton Squire Jacket

Some more examples of a new jacket shape from Burton Snowboards Inc. this year; the Squire. The upper is their trademark Dryride Nanoshell™ 2-Layer Oxford Fabric, with a Dryride Nanoshell Waterproof Corduroy lower body. The camo print this year is called Burlap Duck Hunter. Well played... Priced at $229.95 - $279.95.

Monday, August 13

10E2021: Filson x Burton

Won't start in on Burton moving The Open to Vail right now... 

To quote the great philosopher Thomas Callhan Jr., "holy schnikes". Burton snowboards partnered with Filson to create the Squire above. Virgin Mackinaw Wool paired with oil-finished Shelter Cloth. On the inside a combo of satin/fleece lining and 3M™ Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation. Fulltime hood with Sherpa fleece. Also the Sentry below; in full oilcloth. Both north of $300 but wouldn't kick out of bed for eating crackers... Burton's 2013 line trickling in.

Friday, August 10

10E2020: Shovels & Rope

They have a ton more on the youtubes. Shovels&Rope. Just released an album, but I am late to the party on this... via TheCountryF*cker

Tuesday, August 7

10E2019: Pointer Brand site refresh

Holy upgrade Batman! Great to see a new site and more on offer from Pointer Brand. OK a few broken links but nobody is perfect... Check the Special Make section.

10E2018: Field Notes Brand gets into publishing

"What are the last two words of the National Anthem? “Play Ball” of course." - Field Notes

Offered yesterday to their subscribers and today to everyone, Field Notes Brand (of Aaron Draplin memo book fame) have created something called Field Notes Brand Books. Their first release is a A Drive Into The Gap; "a true story about baseball. And fathers and sons. It’s about memory and identity, and an insidious illness that can rob a person of both." Read chapter 1 and get sucked in here.

The deal is you get a 3 pack of Field Notes (Outfield Green, Infield Brown, and Hardball White) and the book printed in that same recognizable style for $12. These guys are in serious danger of making reading seem cool...

Sunday, August 5

10E2017: Cucumber Salad w/ Rice Vinegar

This is a super quick, crisp and cool salad for anytime. Heat the rice vinegar and add a dash of sugar. Boom, done.

You can def slice the cukes thinner, or add toasted sesame seeds at the end, or even add thinly sliced shrimp [that is good -ed.].  These cucumbers from Enterprise Farmers (MA) via the hardworkers of the Somerville Mobile Market.

Friday, August 3

10E2016: Book Wars

I have not been to this particular local book club yet but they have a great idea for discussions; book wars. Brilliant. Paraphrased as below.
Read books by authors who were also rivals and compare the works.

A pair that springs to mind is Faulkner vs. Hemingway.
Faulkner: "He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary."
Hemingway: "Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words? He thinks I don't know the ten-dollar words. I know them all right. But there are older and simpler and better words, and those are the ones I use."
Or Mario Vargas Llosa vs. Gabriel Garcia Marquez? The former once punched the latter in the face, and no one quite knows why (http://www.mentalflos...
Any other ideas for rivalries? 
 Killer idea. Hope they go through with it.

10E2015: Julia Child's 100th Birthday

To celebrate what would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday on August 15th, WGBH is hosting a month's worth of Julia. The remix above might not hit Mr Rogers levels but it brings a smile. Huge fans of JC here at 10e - so more to come on this upcoming "birthday". If anyone knows of corresponding events in Somerville/Boston give a shout.

Wednesday, August 1

10E2014: Team Spirit by Errol Morris

This is flat out incredible film-making. Errol Morris hits it out of the park [... -ed.] with this look at sports fans who incorporate team spirit into their funerals. Not silly, or arch. Just a master interviewer. Found via CreativeReview.