Friday, December 30

10E2580: LLBean Rangley Wool Plaid/Leather Gloves

From the "reading my mail" department. The goodness of leather palms and the niche of wool.
Via LLBean
  • 100% deerskin leather palm and fingers.
  • Wool/nylon blend back with knit cuff.
  • ThermaTek insulation
  • Fleece-lined
Love the use of malone plaid.

  • 100% deerskin leather palm and fingers.
  • Wool/nylon blend or nylon back with a polyester knit cuff.
  • Waterproof and breathable TEK2® insert keeps hands dry.
  • ThermaTek insulation keeps hands warm.
  • Fleece-lined for extra comfort.

Monday, December 12

10E2579: GRUNDÉNS "Brigg 38"

This marine smock from waterproof working gear leader Grundens is made of 540g PVC coated cotton and is on the other end of the spectrum from 'breathable'. The definition of waterproof - to 2 atmospheres. Frost resistant too.

Seriously fugly. Love it. $50 from the maker - but v limited sizes in clearance.

Wednesday, December 7

10E2578: Huckberry Coal Hard Cash & more

This holiday season everyone who orders from Huckberry is a winner. With every order comes Coal Hard Cash (see what they did there), redeemable for anywhere between $5 and $500 in Huckberry credit, or the prize of a lifetime: a Huckberry Golden Ticket.

One Golden Ticket will be awarded each week, and the prize changes every Tuesday, so be sure to check each week to see the next big reveal (Round the world travel, check. Sailing adventure, check.)

If new to Huckberry go through here and save $10 immediately.
If an old-timer get 15% off the site with promo GIFT15. You're welcome.

Tuesday, December 6

10E2577: SmartWool 'Slopestyle' Socks

OTC (over the calf), cushioned foot and leg for sports impacts [shredding - ed], knit in USA, $25.

By Smartwool. Also available from the home of all good things, LLBEAN.

Sidenote - have you seen this graph, the changing ratio of excitement of socks as a Christmas present over time? Good stuff...

Tuesday, November 22

10E2576: Things I Didn't Win On eBay | Warm Pants

Cold weather is round the corner. I have an older paint-splattered pair already but missed out on these crisp 'black tie' winter Carhartt's... 

Wednesday, November 16

10E2575: Montana Mittens | Piper and Paisley

Saw this note from a friend, 'gloves' 'wool blanket' - and we are away.

Montana 'lodge' Mittens (mittens made in Montana...) from a homesteader selling as Piper and Paisley.

Made of chunky blanket pattern wool (Pendelton in the case above), deerskin leather, and micro fleece lining. Not your ordinary clumsy mittens. They are designed with a slim fit, and a set-in thumb for high range of motion. Full interior interfacing, double-stitched thumbs, neoprene thumb wipe, side-release clip, and elastic cuff.  Made in Montana, USA $75-85  Shop here.

Sunday, November 13

10E2574: Friends of Acton Libraries pizza night at Anthony's Coal Fired in Littleton MA

Any Boston readers around Rt495 - tomorrow having an event at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Littleton, MA [weei talking to you - ed], mention Friends of the Library and 20% of your bill will go to library services. Yell this at your server.

There has been some talk recently about the importance of an educated electorate. Establishing and securing library services for ALL is a huge part of that. The main thrust of Andrew Carnegie one might argue.   BTW at the Littleton, MA event tomorrow a special Thoreau related event in December will be announced...

Thursday, November 10

10E2573: Ursa Major | Morning Mojo Giveaway

After Tuesday I needed a Silkwood shower... but I'll take this.

Our VT pals Ursa Major have an improved way to get clean, the Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Get energized while exfoliating, soothing and hydrating your skin. Invigorating aroma, creamy lather and gritty texture. Do you like the end of the dentist visit when they 'polish' your teeth with that gritty paste? I freekin love it. oatmeal soaps are fine - but if you want true grit [stop - ed.] you need volcanic rock - and this has it.

Available on and at specialty retailers nationwide; $14.

Peppermint: Honey: Grapefruit: Coconut: Volcanic Rock: Shea:

Giveaway: 10e readers - YOU TOO can get your mojo back. Visit and email me or tweet/RT at me and cc @ursamajorvt your favorite ingredient. Winner will be drawn at 5pm ET. Congrats to Katheryn.

Made with passion, purpose and pride in Vermont. This product is 100% naturally derived and made with certified sustainable palm oil (RSPO). NEVER ANY petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs.

Tuesday, November 8

10E2572: Boston Comedy Festival

Playing catchup on this one - but be quick - the Boston Comedy Festival is this week/this weekend - and as i write this on eve of the election I BET there will be some pretty firey one-liners going around!

Details; Nov 11-19th, at several venues in Somerville, Cambridge and Boston.  Acts include Eugene Mirman (Bobs Burgers), Patty Ross, Barry Crimmins, Ronny Chieng (Daily Show) Kyle Kinane (Comedy Central), Emo Phillips and more. A few picks on my radar below;

The Nov 19th finale at Somerville Theater includes both famous and soon-to-be famous comedians, latter vying for the top spot of the Comedy Contest. The Boston Comedy Festival will also honor the great John Ratzenberger with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally David Zucker, who made the movie Airplane (& countless other comedies) will be honored for his Contribution to Film Comedy. Mr. Zucker created an entirely new genre of comedy, which continues to this day. Evening will conclude with 8 top comedians (who have beaten out literally hundreds), competing for the $10,000. This show has sold out for the last 5 years at the Somerville Theater, so get your tickets now!

Airplane Director's Cut Screening and Q&A with Director David Zucker
 Saturday, November 19 | 12:30-3pm  $20


Wacky Science! by Mike Bent
Sun, November 13, 2016
12 noon The Rockwell, 255 Elm Street, Somerville $10 (all ages)

And plenty more...

Wednesday, November 2

10E2571: Maesri Thai Soups

No, I don't know everything about Thai soups - but these by Maesri are the best store bought I have ever had.  Sure you can dress them up with added protein but great spices already. Found at Whole Foods (esp the red curry, and 'coconut milk' or Tom Kha soup) - and via some online retailers.  Warm up for winter....

Friday, October 21

10E2570: White Whale Runner

Wrote about, and own the other one... but this white whale runner is mental.

Again from Chandler Four Corners, a hooked rug maker with connections to southern VT.

Some condo owners overdo it with the moose/pinecone motif - but the whale rug is about 8 feet long - serious statement piece in the hallway. $250. Looking at you Nantucket Historical Association.

Thursday, October 20

10E2569: Chasing Light - video portrait of Wyman Meinzer

Portrait of outdoorsman Wyman Meinzer  a Texas hunter/trapper turned nature photographer - ostensibly some content marketing from Yeti Cooolers - but blink and miss the product placement. Off the chain. So good.  Part of larger series from Yeti on similar types - watch them all - day-wrecker

Tuesday, October 4

10E2568: Pennsylvania Tuxedo - Woolrich x Dogfish Head

"Pennsylvania Tuxedo is a spruce-infused pale ale whose name pays homage to the red and black plaid wool outfits traditionally worn by hunters in the deep woods of Pennsylvania" [where pencils come from - ed].

Woolrich and Dogfish Head are teaming up again. Pennsylvania Tuxedo, a pale ale brewed with spruce tips will begin shipping nationwide on October 24, 2016. The clothing line, which features  “Dogfish Head Plaid” flannels for both genders, caps, blankets, and neat doo-dads - will also be available.

The idea behind the collaboration was inspired by a story from the mid-19th century when Michael Bond Rich, grandson of Woolrich founder, John Rich, had an unforgettable encounter with spruce beer. The incident occurred when his father was hosting a barn raising. The young M.B. Rich recalled, “On account of rain on the day set, the raising was postponed a couple of days and the spruce beer which was prepared had acquired a potency not intended. As it was accessible to me, I drank quite freely and, when later on I stooped over to get a drink from the spring, I fell in headfirst and was too much intoxicated to get out.”
Luckily, M.B. Rich was saved by a woman who happened to be fetching water from the spring, and the young boy lived to tell the story that helped Dogfish Head create Pennsylvania Tuxedo.

If you have not checked out Woolrich lately or had perhaps forgotten about their other lines - have a second look.  Everyone involved obv had a ton of fun with this. Good stuff, via Dogfish Head.

Friday, September 30

Wednesday, September 28

10E2566: 1620 Workwear

Longtime neighbor and supporter of 10e, Josh Walker (formerly of BERN Helmets) has started a new endeavor; 1620. For those readers not from New England or perhaps unfamiliar with US primary school history that is a reference to the date of the pilgrims arrival at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

I have noted before, we are massively lucky to live in the north east.  I tell the interns all the time (and appreciate it myself too) - it is amazing to live in New England and experience on a day to day basis the sites and monuments and stories that other kids in America only read about. We live steps from the path of Paul Revere's ride, Walden Pond, and the birthplace of Concord grapes... Plymouth - as in ROCK - is a short drive away. So much history. Fantastic.  Just words on a page to others - but daily life for yankees (small y... #evilempire).

Anyhow - Josh and co are flipping the script on outsourcing and tapping the still-standing Massachusetts mills to create a line of 100% made in USA shirts, jacs, shorts, double-knees and lets see what else...  

Follow them at 1620workwear

Nearing this time of Thanksgiving these dates and stories are constantly referenced across the USA - but in New England you get to walk it. Soak it up.

Josh Walker, "why cant we do this here..."  [Indeed - ed]

Sign up RIGHT NOW at and you get early access and a discount as a potential tester on the short / double knee pant and whatever they are making next. 

Friday, September 23

10E2565: People's Choice Beef Jerky - intro and giveaway

I don't tend to bite (OH!!) on many emails sent in - but this is a great story, and they are willing to share with 10e readers too (see end over thx!).  People's Choice Beef Jerky made in LA for almost 90 years. From their blurb:
"Jerky. No longer relegated to preservative-riddled gas station fodder, the long-time go-to snack has been elevated with high quality ingredients... interesting flavors and skip on the additives, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. We let the star of beef jerky shine – rich protein found in the 100% USA-sourced beef."

The younger member of the business Brian Bianchetti wrote in, above Brian and his father Mark Bianchetti, 3rd and 4th generation owners. "This building has housed four generations of my family's business, so it felt amazing to be part of that history with my dad."

Brian: We have been handcrafting premium meats for over 87 years and four generations in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Our heritage, tradition, and dedication to quality have inspired us to create a website to tell our story and offer handmade beef jerky to those that appreciate things that are made with purpose.

My great-grandfather, John, founded Peoples Sausage Company in 1929 as a local butcher shop, serving the local community with a variety of premium meat products (including jerky). By the time my grandfather took over, our business had evolved into restaurant supply, servicing a variety of restaurants all over the Greater LA area. It was my Father, Mark, in the late 1980s that decided to focus the company almost exclusively on beef jerky - something we've always done, but never focused on completely. Some of the recipes  date back to my Great Grandfather in the 1920s.
Having such a rich tradition in Los Angeles has been influential in our identity - one of the products being the Carne Seca. We have such rich culinary tradition right here in our backyard with a mix of cultures and ethnicities, it's great to pay homage to that. We find inspiration for new flavors and styles right here in LA. 

10E: your price points are strong ($6). Are you in any stores out there i can talk about?
Brian: I'm glad you noticed the price points. One of the benefits of manufacturing everything in house is that we can keep our costs down compared to the larger companies that have their product made my co-packers. We cut out [butchers pun!  - ed] the middle man by selling direct to consumers (BUY). One of our goals is to deliver the highest quality product while maintaining prices at affordable levels.
The best places to purchase People's Choice Beef Jerky are at our Downtown Location - 1132 E. Pico (for local LA or SoCal people), or online. Our biggest grocery customer is Smart&Final where you can find the Carne Seca product. 

Giveaway: 10e readers - YOU TOO can win a taste of this historic and intelligently updated jerky - visit their site and then email me or tweet/RT at me and cc  @PCBeefJerky the flavor you would like to try. Help these guys out. Big it up...    Over - Thx!   Even better go buy some here -

Thx - J

Tuesday, September 13

10E2564: Topo x Woolrich

Old pal Topo Designs teamed up with the historic American outdoor brand Woolrich® to put a new spin on some of their timeless fabrics. From $49. Learn more.

Friday, September 9

10E2563: Mortgage Button

"Detail of the "mortgage button" on the Thomas Macy house front stairway. The house is located at 99 Main Street. Built in 1770, the house is now owned by the Nantucket Historical Association."
- photo courtesy of the Nantucket Historical Association.

A tradition from Nantucket that you may find in other New England homes; the mortgage button. When the mortgage was paid off, the papers were burned and the ashes placed in a prominent stairway's newel post, then the post topped with a piece of scrimshaw, often with the owner's initials etc but originally was plain. Now these are often made of ivory, not whale bone, and is common to be installed upon sale or construction and not stuck down until mortgage paid off. Forget scrimshaw, even ivory buttons run around $150... A long time ago found the below on eBay ... owner said it is plastic. For $7.50 was worth finding out... (Item is handturned on Nantucket natch'.)

Tuesday, September 6

10E2562: Rockmount snap-shirts

Playing catch-up here...

Rockmount western-styled shirts are famous for their diamond shaped snaps. The book Western Shirts (co-written by Steve Weil of Rockmount) has all kinds of dating info for HBarC, Rockmount, Levis etc.

Rockmount (and Lee Stomrider jackets) famously worn by the entire crew it seems of The Misfits. Clark Gable below;

These sawtoothed, diamond snapped, made in USA shirts are selects up on Huckberry at the moment. Fine examples. I live in the blue ginghams...

In 2008, the grandfather of the Rockmount brand Jack Weil did die. Fantastic obit at the time from The Economist; a slightly unexpected source but very welcome.
"Mr Weil reckoned that a cowboy on a horse, if wearing a shirt with buttons, was liable to get snagged on sagebrush or cactus or, worse than that, get a steerhorn straight through his fancy buttonhole. He was pretty certain, too, that a cowboy losing a button would feel disinclined to sew it on again. The answer to all those difficulties was to make shirts with snap-fasteners. And for 62 years, in a red-brick warehouse in the LoDo district of Denver, Mr Weil did exactly that."

Sunday, July 31

10E2561: Nobby Clothes Shop - Nantucket

Nobby Clothes Shop, on the lower end of Main Street, Nantucket MA. Est 1930. The upstairs used to carry a full range of Carhartt and other workwear - with the downstairs serving the casual and cocktail crowd. Their older breton red canvas shirts check a lot of boxes. #deadstockisthebeststock

Friday, July 29

10E2560: Up Mountain Switchel

Switchel, haymakers punch. 4 simple ingredients when Up Mountain Switchel make it for you; local organic maple syrup, local organic apple cider vinegar, organic fresh ginger root, and Berkshire mountain water. This brand gives you a huge hit of ginger. Fantastic on its own or as a mixer. Trialed in the outdoor markets and fairs of Vermont, now slightly more polished by the same guys for the TRI-STATE area!

"Like maple sugaring, haying a hill farm in the pre-mechanized era was a chancy, nerve-wracking job, in which Gramp's patience with me frequently wore thin... after helping unload the wagon I could run to the milk house cooling tank for the stone jug of switchel which my grandmother made up each morning... the traditional northern New England field hands' drink decocted from pure spring water with a touch of vinegar..."
- Frank Mosher, Northern Borders

Laura Ingalls-Wilder drank it, as did Herman Melville. Unbeknownst to them it provided electrolytes, anti-inflammatories and more - a fenceposter gatorade. Switchel may have originated in the Caribbean (ginger and molasses give a clue) but transformed in New England with the substitution of maple syrup or sometimes honey.

Their supply chain is certified "NON GMO, ORGANIC, VEGAN, AND KOSHER, including the added lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and yerba mate in our additional switchel flavors." And "because of the naturally preservative components in Up Mountain Switchel, UMS does not require refrigerated trucking or warehousing. This LOWERS ENERGY-USE , AND WASTE, and overhead with all aspects of supply".  Brilliant.

Get yours at the store