Monday, May 2

10E2678: Table Talk Pies

Table Talk pies have been a popular treat for generations of Americans, and especially those who live within a 500-mile radius of the Worcester, MA plant where the company has been baking pie since 1924. At its peak, Table Talk was buying four million pounds of Maine blueberries for its blueberry pies, the second most popular flavor after apple. -via Business Review

Retro-tastic logo... gets me every time. For less than the price of a DDonut grab one to chomp on.  They are palm sized so perfect for finishing between the grocery store register and the car park... Went on a field trip to Worcester, MA yday and at 3 for $1 you better swing by the Table Talk factory store (The Pie Store, 153 Green Street) Guilty pleasure?  Maybe.

Until at least the 1950's the pies came on a tin that was redeemable for 10c. What - is that equivalent to about $5 now!... Not sure how that worked out economically. Dig the use of the old tin for home projects like the lightswitch above. In the 80's the owning family sold the business to Beech-Nut, who almost ran it into the ground due to over expansion. The grandson of the former owners has since bought back the farm so to speak. Fantastic.