Thursday, May 27

10E2669: Outdoor Archives Discussion Hosted by RANGE

"Outdoor agency, forecaster, and media publication, Range, hosted a conversation with archivists, researchers, and historians about the importance of gear history and preservation. Panelists included outdoor historian and professor, Dr. Rachel Gross, Carhartt historian and archivist, Dave Moore, and commercial photographer and non-profit founder, Brian Kelley."


I am late to the party on this podcast series... fascinating intro to the kick start of 'the outdoor industry' post-WWII, the mythologizing of white masculinity (and consumerism) in the process... and geeked out materials discussion too. Great academic intro.

This is part of a much larger podcast series The Highlander Podcast,  a collaboration between Outdoor Product Design & Development (OPDD) and Utah State University Student Media (Aggie Radio) to share conversations with industry partners from the OPDD program including designers, developers, founders, product line managers, as well as local people involved in promoting local outdoor recreation opportunities in Cache Valley, Utah.