Monday, September 30

10E2250: Peru Fair 2013 recap

You might not want to know how sausages are made, but seeing how a pig roast goes down never gets old. At the Peru Fair (held at end of Sept in Southern VT)  the pigs (2 or 3 of them depending on the year and their size) are halved and roasted indirectly, flipped every 30 minutes and basted. This is at about the 4 hour mark - the fire dept are in charge and they'll cook all night till the 12noon picnic starts.

Now 11am. I had this very slick idea of wrapping potatoes in foil and cooking them in the coals. Guess 3 hours was a little long... #cremated

Our friends from the JJHapgood Store got their van inked up. Paging Foster Huntington.

The guys from Switchel were there and doing a brisk trade.

Ok they got me... come on - A for effort.

Deviled quails eggs. Nicely done. Also had peasant soft-tacos. Mmmm

Fix it now, apologize later - reference to 2011 Tropical Storm Irene where Vermonters cut off from outside help (hell, cut off from main roads) who mobilized to clear/fix roads and bridges without waiting for FEMA assistance.

Great old bat. From the father of one of the firemen. Derby Made brand from Barre, VT. You can find them on ebay now and again. This one now used as the handle of an applecider press.

The JJHapgood Store in the town center is now framed and fronted but unpainted and empty. Owners Juliette and Tim created a great stall on the day with merch, a pickle barrel, the oft-requested swedish fish, and major thick-cut bacon BLT's. Head to their FB and vote for the new store color.

Line starts to build at 11:30 for 12. This is about 1/4 of it.

Nom nom nom. #crackling #fat #pigpickin

Friday, September 27

10E2249: Vintage Bromley

If you are headed to the Peru Fair (or southern VT generally) this weekend, you can look forward to one more blast at Bromley and its Alpine Slide. Generations of highschoolers have earned their turns and burns (and tans) loading the summer time lifts here. Remember if you hike the backside of Bromley you can ride the slide back down nudge*wink gratis... Have your pal drop you off at the Long Trail trailhead a mile down past the mountain and hike up. Happy trails!

Thursday, September 26

10E2248: Benefit Night for Friends of Somerville Library - Tuesday Oct 1

Disclaimer: If you read 10e a bunch you'll know I work closely w the Somerville (MA) Library as a Friend of the Library. 

Next week. Save the date... Please join me in supporting this upcoming Benefit Night at Flatbread (Flatbread Pizza Co., 45 Day St., Somerville) on Tuesday, October 1st  for The Friends of the Somerville Public Library. The Friends will receive a donation for each flatbread pizza sold between 5pm-11pm on that night, including take out. Funds raised will go to support the Library's popular Museum Passes program, license fees for movie screenings, co-sponsor Somerville Reads and more, so the Library can offer a variety of children's, young adult, and adult programs which range from puppet shows to poetry readings. Think we even had puppets reading poetry once...

These are delicious pizzas made with local and organic ingredients in a wood-fired oven. Knockout... Plus a raft of regional beers on tap there, and even local root beer (Tower) and soda (Spindrift). Come down for a chinwag, and maybe win some swag.

We will be running a wicked raffle on the night - this year featuring big gift certificates from Island Creek Oysters, Bern (3 helmets), The Boston Shaker, Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, Whole Foods, Hubway, New England Candy Company, Union Square Donuts, and Groundworks Somerville (syrup!). A huge thank you goes out to all these local businesses for their support, as well as to Flatbread for hosting us.

Wednesday, September 25

10E2247: Steel Rail - Yes They Can...

Berkshire Brewing Company (or BBC to friends) out in western MA have released their flagship Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale in a can. Bingo. 5.3% ABV and a mellow 20 IBUs. This liquid amber v familiar to customers at Flatbread/Sacco in Somerville.

Monday, September 23

10E2246: "Football" Buttons

"Football" buttons! Finally I know a name for these leather wrapped wonders... thank you @maxwastler

Friday, September 20

10E2245: Andover Shop -reblog

Had my eye on this bow of my Pops'. Great spotted pattern, an oldy from The Andover Shop in Cambridge, MA. Funny thing, after wearing it for a while I began to feel the scratchy neck symptomatic of a reaction to horses... and Mrs 10e concluded that as Pops had worn the tie to feed the animals many times it must be the bow tie causing the reaction. Smart cookie. Changed ties and bingo, all good. 

Let that be a lesson... don't steal a horseman's tie.

Thursday, September 19

10E2244: The Secret Ministry of Ag. & Fish

New biography released in the UK detailing the life of Noreen Riols, one of the last remaining members of the Special Operations Executive (or SOE, also referred to as Churchill's Secret Army or Baker Street Irregulars) intricately involved with the French resistance of WWII. Synopsis below.
"My mother thought I was working for the Ministry of Ag. and Fish..." It was 1943, just before her eighteenth birthday, Noreen received her call-up papers, and was faced with either working in a munitions factory or joining the Wrens [Women's Royal Naval Service -ed.]. A typically fashion-conscious young woman, even in wartime, Noreen opted for the Wrens - they had better hats. But when one of her interviewers realized she spoke fluent French, she was directed to a government building on Baker Street. It was SOE headquarters, where she was immediately recruited into F-Section, led by Colonel Maurice Buckmaster. From then until the end of the war, Noreen worked with Buckmaster and her fellow operatives to support the French Resistance fighting for the Allied cause. Sworn to secrecy, Noreen told no one that she spent her days meeting agents returning from behind enemy lines, acting as a decoy, passing on messages in tea rooms and picking up codes in crossword puzzles.
You can read the whole first chapter via AmazonUK.

Wednesday, September 18

10E2243: Brewland

Our friends Rough Water Films are filming a documentary (right now!) about the craft beer movement and especially Vermont's place as a cradle and leader for that industry. [Update 9/19 - teaser forthcoming...]

Not only are they speaking to almost every big name in Vermont brewing, and the publicans, but I believe there is also some historical element of Vermont's place pre-Prohibition and a look to the future (e.g. University of Vermont testing hops for in-state production). Lots more... Follow along at or on the twitters @brewlandfilm.  I am sure there will be a Boston area event at some time... keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 17

10E2242: That Peru Fair 2013 Look

In about 10 days, on Saturday Sept 28th, the annual Peru Fair will crank up again in the little town of Peru near Bromley Mountain in Vermont. This craft fair has returned to its former glory after being displaced for one year and missing another year fairly recently. There is a full-on pig roast and plenty of other food vendors around, hay and pony rides, music, demos and clogging. What else do you need? $6 donation to the Town of Peru Scholarship Fund. Opening parade starts at 9:45.

The leaves are turning and can sometimes be chilly by the end of Septmber in southern Vermont: 10e chambray cap, sawtooth shirt and denim jacket; Levis, tincloth pants; Filson, Danner Mnt. Light boots (pro-tip: unwritten rule that if you hike Bromley you can ride the slide back down gratis. Have your pal drop you off at the Long Trail trailhead a mile down past the mountain and hike up). Our friends in town are reviving the JJHapgood General Store - check them out. After the pig roast grab a quail kabob and some gingery Switchel. This great local potter Janno Gay doesn't do the Fair so much but fantastic list of other vendors here.
"The Pig Roast starts at 11am, run once again by the Peru Volunteer Fire Department: The Pig Roast costs $10 and includes: pork, BBQ sauce, apple sauce, cole slaw, beans, and a roll. Roast corn is $2 extra."  12 till its gone!

Friday, September 13

10E2241: Burton Barnboard

[ak] 2L Cyclic snowboard jacket from Burton in a wicked barnboard photoprint. GORE-SEAM® taped seams and GORE-TEX® 2L fabric. Waterproof. $360... Would love to see this graphic used more.

10E2240: 10e


Thursday, September 12

10E2239: Stagged Legs

In some forestry work, especially if wearing caulked (spiked) boots the cuffs are removed from the bottom of work pants to minimize the danger of tripping - on your own feet. The pant legs referred to as stagged. Pants may also be shorted a bit for ease of movement. Example above a 15 y/o pair of Filson pants on ebay. The cloth is so damn thick that the ends tend not to unravel.

Log Cabin Man Dick Proenneke observed this tradition - again for safety - probably not because he was a bachelor in the wilderness and couldn't sew...

Monday, September 9

10E2238: Rome SDS - Liftie GLove

Another ode to the timeless work-glove style as worn by ski lift operators (and many ski patrols) throughout the United States. Rome (headofficed in Waterbury, VT)  presents their take on The Liftie in 2013. Waterproofed TechLeather, and microfleece lining warmth rating 4/10). $59.

Or as the commenter eloquently reminded me - get the original (and 10e favorite) Kinco lined gloves for about $15 from your good hardware store. The knit cuff below is great for keeping snow out.